Car dismantler SD

The Car Dismantler from SD line is a special equipment dedicated to vehicle dismantling: its particular shape allows fast and accurate removal of engines, axles or any valuable component from the body, that will be later demolished and compacted. The SD shear is a key tool for car dismantlers, recycling and scrapping professionals.

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( 1 ) Hydraulic Rotation

The sturdy rotation allows accurate posi-tioning of the attachment in any working application and in complete safety.

( 2 ) Precision

SD long and thin jaws are designed for precision jobs, such as extracting engines or any smaller reusable components from the vehicle.

( 3 ) Blades

The Shear Dismantler is equipped with blades to cut the smaller parts like wires, vehicle doors, hoods, etc.

( 4 ) Tough and compact structure

The SD model is built with high wear resistant materials with a hardness of HB 400. The profile of the mouth is reinforced to improve the wear resistance and make the equipment even more compact.




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